Spanish Cleaning Products

There’s been a huge growth in interest in Spanish cleaning products in the last few years. This has largely been driven by people who have lived or visited the country and fell in love with these amazing cleaning solutions. But word has also spread across the UK.

Wonderful, vibrant smells, brilliant cleaning for all surfaces and exceptional prices means that both businesses and homeowners are looking to buy a whole host of Spanish cleaning products.

The good news is that La Lucca is one of the leading suppliers in the UK, selling these solutions both wholesale and direct to the public. As a family-owned business, we know how important quality is to our customers.

Spanish Cleaning Brands

That quality also needs to come at a great price. It’s probably what attracts most people to these amazing cleaning solutions and there’s certainly a wide variety to choose from. If you’re already familiar with Spanish cleaning products, you’ll recognise some of these well-established brands.

  • Asevi: Probably one of the most popular names in Spain, you can now get a range of Asevi detergents, floor cleaners and disinfectants at knock-down prices here in the UK. The company also produces fabric softeners and liquid air fresheners that help keep your whole home and workplace smelling fragrant.
  • 3 Witches: Another brand that is highly influential in Spain and is becoming more popular here by the day, 3 Witches (or 3 Brujas in Spanish) also offer a wide range of cleaning products that are ideal for both domestic and commercial use.
  • Kiriko: Specialising in laundry and home cleaning products, Kiriko is one of the leading innovators in the marketplace today. They may not be as well-known as Asevi or 3 Witches, but their popularity is increasing.
  • Brumol: From degreasers to laundry perfumes, Brumol is another Spanish brand that delivers on high quality and great pricing for businesses and homeowners.

Why Choose La Lucca?

While Spanish cleaning products are widely available in Spain itself, until recently getting hold of them in the UK has been a little more challenging.

La Lucca was set up as a family-run business based in Liverpool to focus exclusively on the wide range of cleaning solutions available from Spain, offering them both for direct to the public sales as well as wholesale.

La Lucca aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on holding a broad range of stock at competitive prices. If you’re a business that needs to buy wholesale, we can also offer even greater savings.

With fast and easy delivery, it takes just a few minutes to visit our website and stock up on your favourite cleaning products from Spain.

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Whether you’re a fan of Spanish cleaning products or you're new to them, we offer an extensive range of some of the best brands available today. That includes floor cleaning products, laundry softeners and detergents, air fresheners and diffusers as well as hand sanitisers and surface cleaners.

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