Why are Spanish Cleaning Products So Popular in the UK?

Especially nowadays when things are so difficult financially, people are looking to make savings but still have access to the best products they can get their hands on. That certainly applies to household solutions, whether it’s floor cleaners, surface sprays, fabric conditioners or detergents.

The great benefit of Spanish cleaning products is that they are highly effective and excellent value for money. They seem to go further than most supermarket brands and they leave the home smelling fresh and clean. That’s probably why many businesses, including cleaning companies, invest in these products also.

At La Lucca, we’ve made it our mission to bring together all the best Spanish cleaning products available online for homeowners and businesses in the UK. We’re a family-owned business and we stock one of the biggest selections, carefully curated for our customers. Our customers include homeowners and businesses that want to buy quality cleaning products wholesale.

If you’ve never heard of Spanish cleaning products, here’s a quick guide to what they are, where you can get them and why you should be switching from your normal supermarket brands.

Why Are Spanish Cleaning Products Popular?

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for UK vacationers and has been since the early 1960s. In fact, in 2021, more than 4 million of us paid a visit to the country either for a holiday, to visit relatives or on business.

From La Sagrada Familia and the running of the bulls to amazing locations like Cordoba and Barcelona, this is a wonderful country that is steeped in history and amazing culture.  It’s also one of the most welcoming countries in the world and has the most wonderful food.

Some people love Spain so much that they have bought second homes and villas there. One of the side effects of spending time in the country is that you get to know the local supermarkets and products. This is where many people discovered some brilliant Spanish cleaning products through brands like Asevi, Nenuco and 3 Brujas.

There’s nothing about good word-of-mouth marketing and it seems this has been the primary reason in recent years why these products have become more popular in the UK.

They are brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality cleaning products and it was no wonder that returning tourists often had a few bottles of fabric softener or floor cleaner in their luggage before all the restrictions on what you can carry came in.

When it became difficult to bring these Spanish cleaning products back on flights, people who were fans began looking at ways to buy them online and have them delivered.

Back then, there were few online stores. The good news is that over the last few years we’ve seen a big increase in online availability.

But why are people often so fanatical about Spanish cleaning products?

While they are great at getting your home spotlessly clean, one of the big attractions is the smell. Some find that it evokes memories of their recent holiday, while others simply just love the natural aromas you get after cleaning.

Pop on forums like Mumsnet and you’ll find plenty of people raving about how great Spanish cleaning products are. If you want to access them nowadays, all you need to do is pop online, find an outlet like La Lucca, pick your products and have them delivered right to your front door.

Best Spanish Cleaning Products

There are several Spanish cleaning product brands to choose from. Head into a supermacado in Spain and you’ll find lots of them on the shelf. Unfortunately, if you pop into your local supermarket here in the UK, they’re few and far between. This has always been a bit frustrating for fans of Spanish cleaning products but the good news is that the internet has come to the rescue.

We started La Lucca not just because we saw a gap in the market but because we’re fans of Spanish cleaning products too. If you’re a newbie, here are some of the top brands to look out for.


You can probably equate Asevi to a brand like Fairy for quality and value for money. They produce practically every variation of cleaning products from laundry detergents to floor and surface cleaners. One customer stated in an online review that: The smell is like a Spanish villa and the scent lasts for ages.

On their website, Asevi also says that they are a cruelty-free company (they don’t test on animals) and have vegan-friendly options because all their products are made from natural materials. They also use packaging that is made from recycled materials and which in itself is 100% recyclable. A lot of people nowadays focus not just on price and cleaning but also on how a particular brand operates in an eco-friendly way. Asevi is one of our top sellers at La Lucca for obvious reasons.


If you’re looking for bath and shower products or fabric conditioners and you want something that smells wonderful, then Nenuco is probably a brand that you need to find out more about. They are particularly good at bath products for children and their moisturising bath soap with almond milk is certainly a favourite with parents.

 A lot of the brand's focus is around amazing aromas and products that are gentle on the skin. It’s a long-standing Spanish brand that was first founded back in the late 1970s and is still one of the most popular choices on supermarket shelves today.


Lavender, rose, and lemon. These are some of the amazing scents that you can expect from Disicilin products. It’s one of the big selling points of Spanish cleaning products that avid fans tend to come back to again and again. The natural fragrances and aromas also tend to last longer than some other popular high-street brands that we see in the UK.

Disicilin is a popular brand with families in Spain and has a long history. It has a range of fabric softeners and detergents including floor cleaners that get things deep down clean.

Las 3 Bruja

Ask anyone who has lived for a while in Spain, or visited regularly, which is one of the best cleaning brands in the country and most will mention Las 3 Bruja.

Called the 3 Witches in the UK, this is a brand that has a lot of fans and more than its fair share of cleaning product gravitas. Its multi-surface cleaner is brilliant for areas like kitchen tops and tiles and helps bring out the shine and gets everything hygienically clean.

Again, the brand is renowned for the fresh smell of its products that seem to linger much longer than more well-known brands here in the UK.

There are lots of other brands when it comes to Spanish cleaning products. The above examples are just a few that are popular with our UK customers. In addition to these, we’ve curated amazing products from brands such as Agerul, Brumol, Don Aglodon, Kiriko and Vernel to name just a few. The great news is that La Lucca has curated a wide selection of brilliant brands from our friends in Spain and made them available to buy here in the UK.

Spanish Fabric Softener

If you run a regular wash you will fall into one of two camps. You’ll either stick everything in, load up with any old washing powder and forget about it until the machine beeps or you’ll be worried about how the clothes are going to look and feel after the wash.

A great fabric softener has several benefits that we don’t often realise. It doesn’t just make the clothes feel nice once they’ve come out of the washer. It can protect from colour fading, help delicate clothes retain their shape and ensure they last longer. Spanish fabric softeners are not just about great fragrances when your clothes come out of the wash but protecting them in the long run. 

Spanish Detergent

If you’ve ever experimented with a cheaper detergent, you’ll understand the difference between this and a superior brand. Many people will remember the old Fairy advert that shows how the product cleans more deeply and better than cheaper brands. Quality often costs a little bit more but it can make a big difference.

The reason that many people prefer Spanish detergents is that they offer the same deep cleaning and quality for a competitive price. Not only that, you get the amazing fresh smell when you are doing the washing which gives you confidence that these are products that really do what they say on the packaging.

Spanish Floor Cleaner

When it comes to floor cleaners, fans of Spanish cleaning products are pretty much united. They offer hygienic cleaning with an amazing long-lasting fragrance. If you’ve got a busy household, especially if you have kids, you want to keep your flooring as clean as possible.

A good floor cleaner not only makes things look spotless but it should protect the surface as well. Ideally, what customers want from their Spanish floor cleaner is for it to kill germs and bring up the sheen.

Whether you have a vinyl floor, tiles or wood effect boards, you don’t want the product to harm the surface either. The great thing about Spanish floor cleaners is that they get surfaces hygienically clean without being too abrasive. They also smell fantastic.

Brands such as Asevi and 3 Witches are perfect for this and can take all the hassle out of cleaning your floors.

Spanish Surface Cleaner

Multi-surface cleaners are designed to get your kitchen tops and other areas spotlessly clean and are vital if you want, for example, to prevent cross-contamination. In a busy area of the home like the kitchen, keeping surfaces hygienically clean is important and there are a lot of different products on the market nowadays.

What makes Spanish surface cleaners different?

For a start, you have the power to remove bacteria and a great smell once you’ve finished cleaning. Surface tops are the main problem in any kitchen, whether it’s in the home or a business like a restaurant.

What Spanish surface cleaners provide is a quick and easy way to keep areas spotless and free of bacteria. In addition to the amazing cleaning properties of these products, you also need to factor in the competitive pricing. For many fans, Spanish cleaning brands like Asevi and 3 Witches are the best products both for the home and for businesses.

Spanish Cleaning Products Wholesale

While many of our customers are homeowners who just want some great cleaning products to buy online, we also offer wholesale solutions for businesses. Whether you’re a cleaning company or you want some amazing cleaning products for your office, the good news is that we offer our Spanish cleaning products wholesale.

So, what are the benefits of buying wholesale?

First of all, you get better offers and less cost by buying in bulk. We work with a lot of different cleaning companies that are looking for value for money as well as exceptional products that tick all the right boxes. We also provide our products to offices and other business setups across the UK.

Buying Spanish cleaning products wholesale takes the hassle out of buying the basics for your business. You don’t have to worry about shopping around because everything you need is in one place. As a family-owned business, we’re focused on providing quality at a competitive price.

You can always be sure that the Spanish cleaning products that you are buying are the best available and you’ll always have access to new cleaning solutions that could benefit your business as soon as they come on the market.

Buy Spanish Cleaning Products Online

There’s no doubt that there is a big fan base for Spanish cleaning products in the UK at the moment. That’s not just from people who have spent time in Spain but from those who have heard on the grapevine how amazing these products are.

At La Lucca, we’ve always been focused on providing these wonderful Spanish cleaning products to customers here in the UK. We’re as passionate about them as our customers and we take great pride in the brands that we have curated for our online listings.

If you are searching for brilliant Spanish cleaning products the good news is that La Lucca offers both retail and wholesale options. A wide selection of excellent cleaning products, secure ordering and fast delivery should make us your first port of call for brands like Asevi and 3 Witches.

Want to find out more? Browse our listings today.